Yes to Man Bags; No to Murses!

Suspended question marks, jumbled thought bubbles, silent gavel clangs, and distressed eye contact all abound at the mention of the term "man bag." If this compound word were a color, it would exist as a murky shade of gray...gray for the confusion it has spurned in the male heterosexual community, murky because it's difficult for most to see through.The reality being that before the birth of the phrase "man bag," it was a dusty satchel carried by a blue collar worker who gets dirty for a living or the gym bag atheletes dragged from musty locker room to musty locker room. Men carrying bags has been an acceptable practice for years; although I would call into question the perpetuaters of the fannypack trend. However with the designation of the fashionable man lending itself to another new term, "metrosexual" and metrosexual being a nice way of hiding from the label of "bisexual," all of a sudden, no hetrosexual man anywhere wants to discuss carrying a bag! I'm here to reclaim the right for hetrosexual men who don't want to be viewed as neither metrosexual nor bisexual and/nor fashionisto's to simply carry a decent looking bag around!

In the midst of conversation the other day, it was noted that Lebron James arrived to what would soon be a losing game against the Los Angeles Fakers, carrying a man bag. Problem number 1: one must know the difference between a man bag and murse (man purse). This which is in the hands of said basketball player is in fact a murse...a man purse, while that which is in the hands of Dwayne Wade (left) is a man bag.

Looking solely at the picture above, one guy I would trust to do my makeup, the other I would not. The contrast of the bags they are carrying further illustrates the point that man bags are not as flamboyant as one might think. Murses are a trainwreck, a line so blatantly crossed I might buy his lotion from Victoria's Secret next time I catch a sell. Man bags on the other hand are functional and have been around forever. Checkout the most popular types of man bags below:

1. Briefcase: the most common man bag seen in the hands of guys is the briefcase. Many would argue that the briefcase is actually a symbol of power and prestige, unaware of the reality that it's simply a bag men use to transport items of importance to them. 

2. Messanger: with the invention of laptops, these bags sky-rocketed their way into homes as both men and women alike searched for a means to transport their computers safely. Many men began to use this style bag as an acceptable means for carrying their laptops from place to place. The increase in it's popularity has solidifed it as a staple on any college campus...right up there with pajama pants. 

3. Carryall: or what many men know as the "duffle bag," is a favorite of atheletes, gym rats, and everyday guys. This type of man bag is a beoved style amongst men and probably makes them feel the most distinguished from their feminine purse carrying mates. 

4. Newsboy: another tool of functionality that some men have adapted to for the sake of trend. The newsboy bag is a more relaxed version of the messanger bag and has been warmly accepted by many guys.

In hopes that I've made myself clear...let's play a little game...

Man Bag or Murse?

Man Bag or Murse?

Man Bag or Murse?

Man Bag or Murse?

What are your thoughts on man bags and murses?

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Can you tell me please which brand is the bag number 2. Messanger? :) your blog!!!!! ;)

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