New random obsession I have in acessory land is .... button earrings.
I honestly think when you go natural (About 2 yrs in now) you start to explore with
your personal style. Post type earrings were always seen as a no-no to me… a
true child of the 80’s big hoops craze. (see my Bamboo earrings from my MAMA! http://bit.ly/rhelsk )

I picked a random shop on Etsy and clicked purchase… then……

LOVE THEM!! my three pairs came in cute little boxes wrapped in pink ribbons
within DAYS! They are pretty true to size and noticeable even with my huge hair
in the way. Only drawback was I wish I was able to track the shipment (did not
rcv a shipment notification via email) Besides that I would most def recommend
this shop. Thanks for the great service!

If you check them out tell em Cali sent ya.
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The Hair Chronicles! To Be Continued...


Hello all! It has been 5 months since the BC(big chop) and I've really just been going with the flow. However, now that winter is almost here, I know that I need to work on my protective styles. I have been rocking my fro all full and free for the last couple of months, so last night I decided to go head and... twist.

I hadn't twisted my hair since the summer, probably because it is so time consuming, but I had some free time last night so I thought...what the hek! Three hours and 1/3 jar of curly pudding later I had my style. I tried to start off my two-strands skinny... but as your hands get tired you start grabbing bigger sections of hair. Especially since my hair, in my opinion, is growing pretty fast!

The following pics are of my two strands, then and now... You can see a bit more length this time!

In these last couple of months I have tried a couple of different natural hair products and kept using some that I have been using since I was a kid. Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion has always been my friend and my hair seems to still like it. My all time favorite hair grease is BB's Super Gro, it's light and gets the job done. I also really like Shea Moisture product; the curl&shine shampoo and the curl enhancing smoothie. To twist my hair I sometimes will use Jamaican Mango&Lime locking gel or Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. I really like the curly pudding it doesn't contribute to too much shrinkage, at the same time it's not that heavy... and it smells good!

So No! I haven't given up... I am still rocking the natural. I haven't died or fried it...yet! LOL! The best part is, that I am really enjoying my hair journey and I love sharing it with you! Till next text... Thanks for reading another page of my Hair Chronicles!!

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