My Style Icons: The Prodigal Daughter Returns



Ever try tiptoe-ing back into a relationship with someone when you know you *bleeeeepppped* up? Hey, it's me, and I'm tiptoeing :-/. Typing on eggshells here hoping not to receive the thrashing I deserve for being so abruptly neglectful. I mean it's not your fault that I have a day job that moonlights as a night job right?  I sat around for months wondering what could I possibly have to say good enough to be listened to after being silent for so long. I decided to share with you what I've been recently interested in and I'm going to "hail Mary full of grace" pray that you click your heels when you read it and declare"there's no place like home." Now, I know I will need to prove my love to you all over again but in my best Faith Evans impression I'm singing to you "onnneeee more chaaaannncceee."

Yeah so, what exactly am I talking about today? STYLE ICONS. *slides open wooden creaky door* Father, forgive me for I have sinned; I have been in a FUNK with fashion. I think we all hit points in life where the things we normally crave just don't do it for us anymore. I was bored with everything around me fashion wise but like a wise person (named Fly11) once told me "it takes a boring person to be bored." That's when I realized it was up to me to find my own inspiration for fashion and allow it to remind me of why I change clothes 27 times a day and become just a little off kilter if my earrings don't match my outfit. MY STYLE ICONS did it. These ladies below are not only my girl crushes but women who inspire me to put just a little more effort into my hair, my makeup, my clothes, my shape, my everything really. These are MY STYLE ICONS and I hope you enjoy.


INSPIRATION: Short hair don't care! When Eva first stepped on the scene via Tyra Bank's smashing hit reality show, America's Next Top model, I was shock-stricken. Yes she was beautiful but in a very rebellious sort of way. Here was an African American woman, romancing mainstream camera's and audiences with her moody short hair in a world of horsehair divas. Some days it was soft and gentle with a romantic curliness and other days it was razor-sharp and angry with it's spikes and tall stance. Never was it luke.warm. The way she carries ANY style they give her is more of a nod to her confidence than her unfairly flawless facial features. Daring! From color to cut...EVA's style screams "oh yeah? try me," and this bold attitude is much needed in THIS life.


INSPIRATION: Just timeless...and for all the RIGHT reasons(No Kim K and Ray J demos). She came onto the scene as our princess and we watched her emerge into a queen! Nia has maintained her class and regality throughout pregnancies, relationship failures, and career mishaps. Her style embodies a very trendy sex appeal that never crosses the line. I have always considered the true test of a woman's natural beauty to be how she handles pregnancy and as you can see from the pics...Nia maintained her FLY very well. Her style's focus is also confidence as her face always seems to say *cues techno beat* "I'm sexy and I know it" while sporting the right clothes to match her attitude. Her hallmark for me however, is the perfect way in which she balances sex appeal, fashion, class, and confidence.


INSPIRATION: Freedom...we all crave it while Kelis dominates it. I can say with certainty I don't always agree with her style choices but I can tell she doesn't care; and this my friends is key. Style longs to evolve and change whether radically or slightly. Kelis reminds me that it's okay to make radical changes when I want and to make them for me, not for the approval of others. She and I tend to have a hair coloring fetish in common although she jumps off bridges with hers while I just let me feet dangle off the edge. Not to mention, she's just gorgeous; even though she had the best gift in the world also known as Nasir Jones and she gave it away. A free-spirited wild child with a vintage calling who seizes every day as if it is her last is something I can definitely turn to. I've woken up before and wished for pastel pink highlights to go with my blond hair color and I know that if none of you would ever talk to me again, Kelis would. *smiles*

So when I'm feeling bombshelter low and lethargic in regards to my style...I turn to these women for encouragement and through their photographs they tell me to "get up and go get fly." Who are your style icons?
Honorable Mentions:

Omnia Vincit More | Fashion Conquers All


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