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Las Vegas is famously known for it’s casino life but one of the best kept secrets is it’s fashion IQ! Megasize stores from your favorite brands are hiding out in Las Vegas along with some of the most luxurious shopping available. There is not question Las Vegas is filled with hits and misses and it’s important for the fashionizer to be on the hitting side of things.  If all goes according to plan, I will be making my Las Vegas debut this November for the first time ever and my major concerns are: how to gamble and what to wear.

How to Gamble

I’m sure most Americans have at least been in a casino before and generally inexperienced gamblers head straight for the what? If you said slot machines a virtual sugar cookie awaits you! However, when I hit Vegas I want to play something that involves sitting at a table and looking especially cunning such as poker…something like a scene out of a Hollywood movie.  Since I am without a casino gaming coach *sad face* I’ve spent a couple sessions at  CasinoTop10 practicing poker online and reading up on tips and tricks of the game.  This really is a great resource for players at all levels who are interested in learning the craft of gaming or honing their craft.  

What to Wear

My first visit to a casino revealed the strangest aesthetic I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place so fashionably chaotic! Whatever you do, don’t visit the casino in hiking gear…actually don’t visit anything in hiking gear except mountains.  Being at the casino is not a pass for an explosion of tackiness so let’s make sure we know how to dress for the occasion. Checkout the tips below on how t maintain your fashionizer status, even at the casino.

  •  Don’t Go Casual: many people seem to stroll right from the desert into the casino without even a second thought about the dirt speckled New Balance sneakers on their feet. Think of the casino as more of a bar or club setting. You may not need to go as far as to pull out the ever so popular “freak ‘em dress” but at least find it in your closet and heart to put on a nice pair of heels. Checkout how Alicia Keys uses heels to transform a street look into a perfect casino look.

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  • Check for Dress Codes: as with many establishments, some casinos actually have a dress code in place to protect their image (I fully support dress codes by the way). In order to avoid embarrassment , find out ahead of time if the casino you choose to visit is more on the upscale or casual side. Many casino’s however are more relaxed during the daytime and step it up a notch as the nightlife draws closer. In any case, if you follow the aforementioned tip you should be in the safe zone no matter where you go.  

  • Be Glam and Unique: by now it should be clear that the casino is for dressing up…you can chose differently but don’t be surprised if you end up on instagram for the wrong reasons. Even when dressing up, veer towards the creative as opposed to reaching in your closet the good and safe black cocktail dress. Keep in mind, you are there to gamble and look confident and gorgeous while doing it but it’s not a formal wedding. Add items of glam to a simple look in order to fit in while standing out. Checkout the look below for an idea on how to remix or rethink glam:

4.       Don’t bring the strip club to the casino: We’ve all been there when that one woman in particular walks into the room and everybody is whispering about her for all the wrong reasons. There are some casinos bold enough to deny entry to people who arrive with overtly revealing clothing. In addition, there is a fine line between sexy and sleazy….fitted clothing (sure) but this è Tatjana Paslic Gambles in a Catsuit is a disaster waiting to happen.

Fashion has a long standing affair with casinos. Checkout one of my fave casino themed photo shoots by BJ Pascual:

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Hair Candy… It’s Fashion!

Since I could remember I have been sporting hair candy. Now of course we weren’t calling it hair candy back in the day. However, the beedy-balls, bows, barrettes, ponytail holders, and beads that your mom and grandmother used to adorn your hair with… was hair candy!

Some of it I loved… others…ugh… not so much. I remember waking up with the imprint of the line of beads across my face. There were all sorts of hair accessories; they were made in every color and for every occasion.

Today is nothing different. With hair being big business and ‘natural hair’ becoming more commercial… there are more hair accessories and websites for them than we can keep up with. So where do we start? Well…

Recycling is Fashionable: Where Do We Start?

Eye for Recycling
There is no retreat one can conjure up to escape the looming and ominous cloud of abuse. Not animal abuse, not child abuse, but yet another deadly type....planet abuse. I reached a point recently where I became utterly disgusted in myself and all the plastic water bottles I was throwing away. My quest to drink more water daily coincidentally increased the amount of water bottles I needed to dispose of and suddenly pitching them in the trash as usual was uncomfy. In a response to my conscious telling me "this is too much plastic to waste," I vowed to collect them all in a plastic trash bag and find a recycling center to take them to, trash bag included(it's plastic too). I figured the latter task would require a tad bit of research but would be fairly simple to accomplish...I was more wrong than 2+2=5.

Actually, I was directly at the point of surrender and very ready to revert to the good old trusty dusty dumpster outside in the parking lot; then the solution showed up to the party. Determined to win, I finally ran across a phone number(1-800-CleanUp) that directed me to a website for recycle centers all across the country. I found This site provides web surfers with a wealth of knowledge about recycling and most importantly, information on exactly how and where to conduct your recycling business. Interestingly enough, I learned the nearest recycling center is 2 minutes away from me...I wonder how close one is to you?

There will be much more to come from me this summer on the topic of recycling. As the weather gets warmer and our water intake increases, let's practice collecting and recycling our waste in a responsible manner. Stay tuned into the Recycling is Fashionable series!

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Jessica Simpson Poses Pregnant Belly Nude for Elle Magazine


Exploitation or Celebration? It's Getting a Little Murky

One naked pregnant woman doing a magazine cover seems radical...two naked pregnant women doing a magazine cover becomes we are up to at least ten naked pregnant women posing for magazine covers and it's starting to make me uneasy. Twenty years into this trend and it feels contrived, duplicated, redundant, forced, copied...EXPLOITED. It's not the pregnant body that bothers me...not in the least's the nudity. Is nudity necessary to communicate beauty?

Is Kanye West Jumping the Gun into High End Fashion?


 Well we knew it was only a matter of time before our lovely, bratty, and creative fly guy turned rapper Kanye West mosied over into the fashion world. But the two collections he's released thus far has caused many to ponder whether or not this is the right time.

Best Natural Hair Leave-in Conditioner

I've been a natural hair girl for five years now. However, I've always handed the responsibility of taming my mane to my hairstylist...until recently. My new found desire to care for my hair myself has opened the door to so much knowledge I didn't even know existed. It has been my goal to share what I am learning in regards to products, techniques, and styles with the rest of the world. I've been largely silent in this area but recently I purchased a product that forced me to speak =====> Taliah Waajid's Protective Mist Bodifier.

Fly11 Goes Thrifting for the First Time

It was a spur of the moment, taking the rent-a-son to have fun kind of day when I happened upon a "Goodwill" store sign near our destination. Serendipity? Probably not but I figured going into the store might be worth a try; especially considering the probability that this place was a benefactor of the nicER side of used clothes.

Yes to Man Bags; No to Murses!


Suspended question marks, jumbled thought bubbles, silent gavel clangs, and distressed eye contact all abound at the mention of the term "man bag." If this compound word were a color, it would exist as a murky shade of gray...gray for the confusion it has spurned in the male heterosexual community, murky because it's difficult for most to see through.The reality being that before the birth of the phrase "man bag," it was a dusty satchel carried by a blue collar worker who gets dirty for a living or the gym bag atheletes dragged from musty locker room to musty locker room. Men carrying bags has been an acceptable practice for years; although I would call into question the perpetuaters of the fannypack trend. However with the designation of the fashionable man lending itself to another new term, "metrosexual" and metrosexual being a nice way of hiding from the label of "bisexual," all of a sudden, no hetrosexual man anywhere wants to discuss carrying a bag! I'm here to reclaim the right for hetrosexual men who don't want to be viewed as neither metrosexual nor bisexual and/nor fashionisto's to simply carry a decent looking bag around!

In the midst of conversation the other day, it was noted that Lebron James arrived to what would soon be a losing game against the Los Angeles Fakers, carrying a man bag. Problem number 1: one must know the difference between a man bag and murse (man purse). This which is in the hands of said basketball player is in fact a murse...a man purse, while that which is in the hands of Dwayne Wade (left) is a man bag.

Looking solely at the picture above, one guy I would trust to do my makeup, the other I would not. The contrast of the bags they are carrying further illustrates the point that man bags are not as flamboyant as one might think. Murses are a trainwreck, a line so blatantly crossed I might buy his lotion from Victoria's Secret next time I catch a sell. Man bags on the other hand are functional and have been around forever. Checkout the most popular types of man bags below:

1. Briefcase: the most common man bag seen in the hands of guys is the briefcase. Many would argue that the briefcase is actually a symbol of power and prestige, unaware of the reality that it's simply a bag men use to transport items of importance to them. 

2. Messanger: with the invention of laptops, these bags sky-rocketed their way into homes as both men and women alike searched for a means to transport their computers safely. Many men began to use this style bag as an acceptable means for carrying their laptops from place to place. The increase in it's popularity has solidifed it as a staple on any college campus...right up there with pajama pants. 

3. Carryall: or what many men know as the "duffle bag," is a favorite of atheletes, gym rats, and everyday guys. This type of man bag is a beoved style amongst men and probably makes them feel the most distinguished from their feminine purse carrying mates. 

4. Newsboy: another tool of functionality that some men have adapted to for the sake of trend. The newsboy bag is a more relaxed version of the messanger bag and has been warmly accepted by many guys.

In hopes that I've made myself clear...let's play a little game...

Man Bag or Murse?

Man Bag or Murse?

Man Bag or Murse?

Man Bag or Murse?

What are your thoughts on man bags and murses?

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My Style Icons: The Prodigal Daughter Returns





New random obsession I have in acessory land is .... button earrings.
I honestly think when you go natural (About 2 yrs in now) you start to explore with
your personal style. Post type earrings were always seen as a no-no to me… a
true child of the 80’s big hoops craze. (see my Bamboo earrings from my MAMA! )

I picked a random shop on Etsy and clicked purchase… then……

LOVE THEM!! my three pairs came in cute little boxes wrapped in pink ribbons
within DAYS! They are pretty true to size and noticeable even with my huge hair
in the way. Only drawback was I wish I was able to track the shipment (did not
rcv a shipment notification via email) Besides that I would most def recommend
this shop. Thanks for the great service!

If you check them out tell em Cali sent ya.
Anything #DOPE is #CaliApproved

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